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ChangeLog for DD48:


- Player sprites + animations

- Sounds!

- Music!

- 9 lives, for testing 

- Player starts with 5hp

- Shops remember price gamewide

  - shops have current price written above them

Combat rework

 - Explosions!

 - Player now has a missile launcher as main weapon

 - Bomba! *highly experimental*

 - Most enemies explode on death; death explosions knockback and damage other enemies 

 - Enemies knockback rework

- Subweapon in hud

- no more enemies from lootboxes (for now)

- Camshake rework

- Secrets! Every level has (at least) a secret room

Updated 25 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Tags2D, Shoot 'Em Up, stg


RoboTemplar Demo Linux_0.02 [Hotfix 2.1].zip 46 MB
RoboTemplar Demo Win_0.02 [Hotfix 2.1].zip 32 MB

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